San Sebastian, you win at food. and fun.

And I lose at blog post titles.

I'm not that great at selfies either #youcantwinemall

I’m not that great at selfies either #youcantwinemall

I can usually tell how much fun I’ve had in any location based on the number of photos I’ve taken- the less photos that I have to choose from when writing these posts, the more I enjoyed the location. This is definitely the case for San Sebastian. Over the course of 3 days, countless ‘pintxos’ and more glasses of wine than I care to remember, my collection of photos commemorating the eat and play-stravaganza is less than stellar. San Sebastian is the perfect destination for anyone that daydreams about getting fat, drunk and tan at the same time- days are spent lounging on the beach (albeit a bit more crowded than what I consider to be ideal, but when you’re that full of ham, who cares)


streets of Casco Viejo (old town)

streets of Casco Viejo (old town)

In the last few years, San Sebastian has gained recognition as one of the world’s most highly regarded culinary destinations. After 3 days of stuffing my face there, there is no question as to why. The Basque Country, in general, is known for its ‘pintxos’, which are essentially 2-3 bite dishes, most of which are served atop a piece of bread. Example: thinly sliced cured ham drizzled with olive oil, served on a slice of toasted baguette, a skewer of 3 small shrimp, grilled and served over a piece of baguette, a mini hamburger served on the most adorable bun I’ve ever seen.


‘blurry face’ is the next big thing in photography, didnt you know. Also note the anchovies on toast in the lower left corner.

Not only does this style of eating appeal to me because of my lack of attention span, almost non-existent patience level and pretty severe commitment issues, but also because I FREAKING LOVE MINIATURE THINGS. C’mon, why do you think mini cupcakes, miniature ponies and those tiny bottles of alcohol are so popular? They are just too damn cute.

So basically the way it works is, you walk walk up to the bar, pick out a pintxo (or 2 or 7) from an artfully arranged assortment spread along the counter. Instead of committing to an whole plate of food that you may tire of in a few bites, or to a restaurant who’s decor may not be up to par, you can literally go ‘pintxo-hopping’ (patent pending- thats a million dollar idea that everyone else already came up with first). Here’s an idea: first course, a glass of wine and a shared plate of 5-6 mussels. Second course, glass of wine and a couple of anchovies on toast. Third course, glass of wine and a mini slider (does the term slider already mean mini? these are even smaller) Fourth course… ok you get it. So by the end of the night, not only are you full, but you are also hammered. WIN.

this is what happens after a shit-ton of pintxos. you can't help it.. it just happens.

this is what happens after a shit-ton of pintxos. you can’t help it.. it just happens.

The most difficult part of the whole process is trying to figure out where to go- literally EVERY bar offers some type of pintxos, and for us newbies its pretty much impossible to pick one over the other. The couple of gems that we found and returned to multiple times over the course of a couple days were totally by accident- one, we stopped to ask a couple of women sitting on a bench for directions and ended up with a recommendation for “La Mejillonera,” and the other because we couldn’t pass up ‘one last pintxo’ of grilled baby squid with a balsamic reduction.. which ended up being the best kind of mouth explosion. (Unfortunately I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the place, but its on Fermin Cableton street in the Casco Viejo of San Sebastian).



they have beers this big for less than 3 euro

that beer was literally bigger than my head. we measured

Heading to Spain anytime soon? Definitely budget some time for at least a couple days in San Sebastian. However, first probably sell a kidney or two, because it is one of the most expensive places I’ve traveled so far. I went from paying 15 euro a night for a private bathroom and pretty much empty 6 bed dorm in the center of Madrid to paying 30 euro a night for a room that was reminiscent of that scene in Zoolander- “What is this, a center for ants!? The building needs to be at least 3 times bigger than this!” With 6 people and their backpacks in the room, it was almost impossible to move around, and the bunk beds were so low that I hit my head sitting up in the morning (considering I’m like half the height of a normal person, thats pretty ridiculous). Food, although 100% worth it, also definitely added up- though you could fill up on a couple of pintxos of tortilla (spanish omelette) for 5euro or less, a wine-fueled pintxo party in your mouth will probably set you back anywhere from 20-30 euro. That said.. I’m going back ASAP.. as soon as I can find a sponsor for my marathon eating challenge.

so many calamari, so little time

so many calamari, so little time

Relucatantly, after 3 days, it was time to admit defeat. Not only was I thoroughly sick of having to drink wine with every meal, I was also starting to dream about vegetables. When kale starts appearing in your dreams, its time to eat a salad. Also, Barcelona, the city I’ve been lusting after since our brief affair in 2011, was calling. As was the promise of concerts, music festivals, friends, and a room all to myself.

before the (literal) storm. isn't she pretty?

before the (literal) storm. isn’t she pretty?

In my desperation to get to Barcelona, I think I got a little TOO excited, as I had found what I thought was an unbelievable last minute train ticket deal- 50 euro from San Sebastian to Barcelona (other prices I saw were all at least 80+). Well, turns out it wasn’t a cheap last minute ticket… because it was actually for a train leaving the following week. And as soon as I figured that out, it started pouring rain. Though it looked like the gods were shitting on me, the skies parted and I magically found a ride share from San Sebastian all the way to Barcelona, and ended up in Barcelona at the same time the train would have gotten me there!

also considering i am currently living (In Barcelona) next to this big guy, no wonder I was excited

also considering i am currently living (In Barcelona) next to this big guy, no wonder I was excited




hold please.

I am in the middle of drafting my “where I stayed- Peru” post, but thought I would interrupt with a few thoughts on returning home (mostly since the Peru part of the hostel recap is taking forever- I stayed at a lot of places.. and I have lots of opinions!)


the first thing I thought when I walked into my room at home in San Francisco on Monday was.. holy shit, I have SO MUCH STUFF. seriously, coming back to my existing closet after 3 months of only wearing what I could fit in a 65 liter backpack was like stepping into my very own buffalo exchange, but I didn’t have to pay to wear anything and none of it smelled weird. (for you foreigners reading this, buffalo exchange is a second hand clothing store, but with nice stuff).

cause really, isn't all you need a hammock and a pair of board shorts?

cause really, isn’t all you need a hammock and a pair of board shorts?

I’ve officially started the cleaning out my life process. How on earth did I become the owner of so many items that are completely unnecessary to my day-to-day existence? Do I really need fourteen pairs of jeans? For the next few weeks, I’ll be working on minimizing.. because honestly, all I really want to wear is my alpaca sweater and yoga pants. (otherwise known as my travel uniform).

i need to do laundry so i can wear this outfit again..

i need to do laundry so i can wear this outfit again..

I’ve also spent almost every morning at my favorite coffee shop in the Mission. One of the few things that I actually missed about being home was the abundance of deliciously overpriced coffee that we have in San Francisco. I swear, you can’t turn around in this neighborhood without getting smacked in the face by a 3 dollar cup of hand-roasted fair trade small-batch coffee. And what goes better with a Macbook air and a self-serving amateur blog than fancy coffee?

pretty much sums up San Francisco

pretty much sums up San Francisco

Vegetables are freaking amazing. In the last seven days, I have bought and consumed no fewer than four bunches of kale. I think after three months of ‘almuerzos’, consisting mainly of meat, rice and potatoes, my body was craving home cooked food and plenty of greens. I feel great, although I do miss having the option to eat guinea pig or a whole trout for lunch.

after our hike in Cajas, Ecuador

after our hike in Cajas, Ecuador

I felt like I was pretty active on my trip, but there is definitely something to be said for having gym access and actually setting aside time for exercise. It feels great to be back in the groove of getting a real workout in every day, but I am taking it slow and not pushing myself too hard right off the bat. I pulled out the TRX for a workout on Friday and am still feeling it today- but it feels goooooooood. Not to mention yoga… sweet sweet yoga stretches. My hamstrings thank you.

the top of a 1000 meter climb.. talk about a workout

the top of a 1000 meter climb.. talk about a workout

Cant believe its already time to ‘spring forward’! Are we really already 1/4 of the way through 2014? For those of you in the states, how pumped are you to have an extra hour of sun today?

not SF

not SF

something to believe in

theres a few things i believe in. not a ton, but a good sturdy 5 or so things that i firmly stand behind.

1. not taking yourself too seriously. if you can’t laugh at yourself, it makes you kind of a douche when you laugh at other people.

2. exercise. if that one needs an explanation, you might be an idiot.

3. comfy shoes. you know when you see that girl wearing crazy high heels and you just want to give her the sneakers off your feet? yeah, thats NOT hot.

totally irrelevant, but hilarious. click to enlarge. (TWSS)

4. pandora. i get it, spotify’s supposed to be cool right now. im ok with not being cool.

5. a dependable set of go-to recipes.

So far, i’m still working on the last one. but i have nailed down a couple really really good recipes. heres my criteria for a go-to recipe.

if this many ingredients are needed, its not happening

-not a lot of ingredients. if i have to go to the store and buy 12 different spices that im never going to use in any other recipe ever, it ain’t gettin’ made in my kitchen.

-doesn’t use 9 different pieces of kitchen equipment. lets be real here, no one wants to spend an hour doing dishes in order to enjoy one meal.

-not a lot of hands-on time. if i have to simmer a soup for a couple of hours, no worries. but one of the main reasons ive never made puff pastry (besides the pounds of butter involved) is because it a lot of work. and lets be honest, there are less lazy people out there when it comes to cooking. like Smitten Kitchen. if you DONT love that blog and you DO love food, you may be a crazy person.

-healthy. i love cookies and cakes and pizza and other unhealthy things as much as the next person, but i also know that it doesnt make my body feel good. so i figure out how to make these things healthier, while still super tasty.

*side story: i was on vacation with a big group of friends a couple of weeks ago, and told them all i was going to make cookies. of course, they were super excited about it. who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? and then i made a mistake. i told them that they were VEGAN. long story short, they were a little hesitant to try them.. and then devoured 3 batches in 2 days.

this is what we do on vacation.

so far ive got about 3 or 4 nailed down. go to soup recipe is either butternut squash soup  or sweet potato chili (inspired by Gina’s recipe). for veggies i love my brussels sprouts  or more recently, kale with golden raisins (thanks Ana!). and for cookies…. oh god, the cookies!!! i have this blog to thank for inspiration- Kirsten’s Kitchen.

in the last month or so, i’ve gone through pounds of whole wheat pastry flour, cups of sugar, and almost 5 bags of chocolate ships. ive made every variation on this cookie you can imagine… from regular old chocolate chip, to oatmeal white chocolate chip to snickerdoodle to cranberry pumpkin spice to chocolate cookie sandwiches. and they’ve all been AMAZING.

so partly because i love you, and partly because im hoping for once someone will make ME these cookies, i present to you…..

The amazing technicolor variety cookie.

oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip

(no joke, someone proposed to me the other day because of these cookies. dont worry, i said no)

Basic Ingredients:

-2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (up to half can be subbed for old fashioned oats or almond meal)

-1/2 cup brown sugar

-1/2 cup regular sugar (or turbinado if you like the crunch)

-1/2 tsp salt

-1 tsp each baking powder and baking soda

-up to 1 cup add-ins (chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts)

-(for oatmeal cookie varieties add 1/2 tsp- 1 tsp cinnamon)

-1/2 cup oil (i prefer vegetable or safflower, but melted coconut oil works and adds a coconutty flavor.. olive oil will make your cookies have a distinct olive oil taste)

*up to half the oil can be replaced with pumpkin puree or applesauce. if using pumpkin puree add 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice and dried cranberries. trust me on this.

-1 tsp vanilla

-1/8-1/4 cup water (start with 1/8 and work your way up.. the more water you add, the more your cookies will spread)

Preheat oven to 350. mix dry in one bowl. mix wet in another. mix together. use a tablespoon measure to drop balls of dough on greased cookie sheets (i like to flatten the balls with my hands, but it is not necessary, they just wont spread out a bunch when baking). Bake for 9-10 minutes. they will not seem done, but trust me, they ARE. let cool for at least 7 minutes, if you can wait that long.

lucky you, now you have something else to believe in. your mad baking skillz.

youre welcome.

blog love + squash love = soup recipe

i have a thing for blogs. i devour them (like they’e freshly baked cookies) every morning. is it because i love to read? or maybe it’s because im nosy and just like knowing what everyone else is doing.

i dont comment very often, i dont enter  the giveaways, and i probably only make 1/37th of the recipes i read.

am i a virtual foodie version of a peeping tom?

my creepster disguises.

so what is it that keeps me coming back? is it a mutual love of oats that brings me back to most of these blogs? or is it the pretty pictures of blogger x’s morning coffee? in most cases, it’s the recipes and workouts. reading that someone you’ve never met has created the best cookie recipe ever, or run their 814th marathon, or rearranged their living room furniture (again) is great, but im not gonna lie here… its the food.

the funny part to me is that i cant follow a recipe to save my life. some part of me is ALWAYS compelled to change something about a recipe.. even if its perfect to begin with. that said, sometimes i make some great choices.

heres one:

since this photo was taken, ive probably made this soup 6 times. in a month.

Butternut Squash Soup

makes about 4 HUGE servings or 6-7 smaller ones

-1 medium- large butternut squash (probably 2-3 lbs.. or you can cheat and buy the big bag of peeled and cut squash from TJ’s… saves a lot of trouble, but actually tastes better if you go through the hassle of peeling and dicing yourself)

-1 med-large yellow onion (ive tried with both regular yellow onions and sweet onions- either will work)

– 2-3 large garlic cloves

– black pepper

-2 tbsp butter (i’ve tried with earth balance, olive oil and real butter… USE REAL BUTTER)

– 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

-2-3 cups veggie/chicken broth- less broth=thicker soup (i prefer the regular sodium chicken broth- and then i don’t add any extra salt to the soup)


1. melt 2 tbsp butter in a large soup pot (stockpot?) over medium heat

2. dice garlic and onions. size is not important, as it will all be blended together in the end.

3. saute garlic and onions in butter until soft and translucent- do not brown! while garlic and onions are cooking, tackle that beast of a squash (if you went the hard way). peel and dice (remove seeds) into ~1 inch cubes. pepper can be added now or after squash/broth.

4. add butternut squash and 2 cups of broth to pot. bring to a simmer. add 1 tbsp balsamic

5. simmer until squash can be pierced easily by a fork (about 15 mins).

6. use a slotted spoon to remove all garlic, onions and squash from pot. if your blender is big enough, just dump the whole pot in there. blend until smooth- i find i like it better when its less grainy and more silky.

*ive been toying with different ideas for how to increase the protein in this soup so it is more of a meal. ideas so far are blending in a can of white beans or garbanzos.. let me know if you try this!


im also crazy addicted to pumpkin these days. im that crazy girl with pumpkin in her purse. NO JOKE. that happened.

speaking of pumpkin, i made AMAZING pumpkin muffins the other day- bsed off of this recipe by Joy Bauer-

Ginger Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

I made a bunch of changes and additions to the recipe- almond meal and way more pumpkin to name a few.. and they turned out AMAZING! recipe to come. i promise.

any seasonal foods you’re currently obsessed with?

i LOVE winter squash and summer berries


i have created THE carrot cake cookie. no other carrot cake cookies even come close to tasting this amazing. seriously. if you make this recipe and it sucks, i will come clean your whole house. and anyone that knows me knows i hate cleaning.


im just going to go ahead and give you the recipe… and then ill get to all of the other random not as cool stuff ive done lately. because really, what matters more than making the best cookie ever?

like many of my recipes, these look like ass but taste like heaven

oh and did i mention they’re vegan, have NO refined sugar and only 2 tablespoons of oil in the whole recipe? 

yeah, i’m awesome. you can thank me after you wow your whole family and everyone you know with your baking prowess.

Carrot Cake Cookies (or should i just call them manna from heaven gillian’s kitchen?)

preheat oven to 350



1 1/4 cup almond meal

1/2 cup whole wheat flour (use gluten free if you don’t eat gluten, i have no idea if that will work…)

1/3 cup oats

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon (do not skimp on this!!!)

1/2 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp nutmeg


1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup brown rice syrup (the combo of these is what makes them chewy and moist)

2 tbsp light tasting oil (i used vegetable i think..)

1/4 cup almond milk (next time i will try using 1-2 tablespoons- i think they would stay together better if the dough was a little bit drier)

1 cup shredded carrot


mix dry, then add wet. mix until you have a wet, doughy mess. you can try the batter, its vegan (no salmonella, duh)

scoop onto greased cookie sheet using a tablespoon measurer. leave about 1-2 inches between each cookie, as they will spread out during baking.

bake about 11-13 minutes

let cool for 10-15 minutes before using a spatula to take them off the cookie sheet… or you might have to eat them all because they will fall apart.

enjoy! i had 3 already.



3 things that happened this weekend:

1. i went hiking at mt. tam

that white stuff down there.. thats a bed of clouds. i took a nap on it.

2. almost got mugged. by a kid with a fake gun. how did i know it was fake? i grabbed it. i know, im nuts… at least thats what the cops said.

3. rode a tiny tricycle. actually, thats a lie. i did that last week, but this picture is so awesome i had to put it in here.


so, kids, ill end with these few words of advice.

– eat less sugar. sugar makes you crash. (like energy crash, not what happened to us on the tricycles 30 seconds after the above photo was taken)

-if a dude points a gun at you, it might be fake. but probably you should give him all of your stuff anyways… just in case.

-bake these goddamn cookies.  then tell me about it.

any questions?


bite size pieces of my week.

its sunday again.. which means i am completing the *new* sunday rituals… breakfast, coffee, blog reading, blog writing- in that order. if you need some blog reading material (other than Bite Size Pieces, of course), check out my new Blogs I LOVE page.

unfortunately (for you!) i forgot my little notebook in which i write the hieroglyphics that  i somehow manage to decipher into coherent recipes.

which means, i am sitting here, still completing the sunday rituals, but you all will just have to wait a few more days for the recipe for these guys….

haha this is like the 3rd picture of these ive posted... im such a muffin tease 🙂

but lets see… what else have i made this week…..

there was an attempt at cinnamon apple almond kamut puff bars. flavor= SPOT ON. texture= no bueno. these guys would NOT stay together!

but they look so promising.. damn you brown rice syrup 'glue'

once i get the texture figured out this recipe is all yours!

i made tofu from Mama Pea’s cookbook. well, to be fair, i started making a recipe for her ‘fun nuggets’, then decided to have some fun of my own using the entire contents of my spice cabinet. im not too sure what to call the results. lets just say they were fun nuggets with artistic flair.

i also went to nopa again. yeah, im obsessed. and its 2 blocks from my house.

i am planning on doing ANOTHER nopa recap post, but if you gave up food porn for lent or are just bored of fancy delicious food photos, then let me know and i will spare you the agony of seeing the photos and not being able to eat the food off the screen.

*yes i know its not lent. but im jewish, so i don’t really keep track of these things.

i also checked out the street food festival in the mission yesterday. and then went second hand shopping (food and shopping.. HELL YES)

i forgot to take photos. so instead, heres some from Off the Grid (you can pretend i ate this yesterday instead of 2 weeks ago, i dont mind)

hapa sf pork taco. with a side of thumbholes

the street food festival basically looked like this plus 1000 people. good thing im small and fast like baby deer.


newfound love for kale (new for me, old for smarter people).. steam that b*tch and sprinkle on some nutritional yeast, garlic powder, tiny bit of paprika and a little bit of soy sauce. eat with brown rice and an over easy egg. BOOM. dinner of champions.

any questions?

what has your week been like? do you have a weekend routine? does it include coffee*? 

*because if not, frankly i dont want to hear about it. (kidding).

my new favorite lunch

the way my work day is set up, i come in at 8 and leave at 5 with an hour break in the middle somewhere. i had this grand idea in my head that i would be exploring downtown san francisco’s millions of eateries during this one hour break, but two weeks in i am actually very proud to say i have yet to eat lunch away from my desk.

and why am i proud of that?

because almost every day my lunch hour has been spent doing one of the multiple TRX workouts that happen at the office daily. so since i exercise on my break, i munch on lunch from home in front of my computer.

good idea? some may say no. according to many studies, eating lunch in front of your computer or television can cause you to eat more.

i don’t necessarily think that eating in front of my computer is a bad idea… until i realize that i have hummus all over my keyboard.

at least my work keyboard has less food on it than my home keyboard….

so this is my post on how to make the best desk lunch ever. (or at least the easiest)

1. get a big ass wrap/tortilla/2 slices of bread

toppings.... ASSEMBLEEEEEEEE *you have to say in an anchorman voice.. at 6:30 am.

2. assemble toppings. i ALWAYS have to have a healthy fat, some sort of spread, protein and greens. everything else is just more ounce for your bounce.

3. spread your spread (right now im loving TJs tomato and basil hummus… great tangy flavor). if using avocado, this goes right on top of the spread (so the greens stick)

4. press greens into spread so they ‘stick’. *makes a big difference with sandwiches.. no one likes losing their greens mid bite.

5. layer protein on top. i have been using reduced sodium columbus brand deli turkey. but for vegetarians i would suggest an amy’s brand veggie burger or baked tempeh/tofu.  use my recipe for nuggets, but do strips instead of cubes for easy wrappage/sandwiching.

looks like a burrito, but awesomer

6. roll that bitch up. and wrap in tinfoil so it stays all wrappy and shiz. *i dont know why i got all ghetto there. something to do with the shininess of tinfoil?

7. check your watch every 15 minutes til lunchtime. enjoy.


and some of you may have seen the delicious looking muffins that i had in my oven the other day… if not here ya go

yup, that there is a batch of (homemade) blueberry jam stuffed muffins. no joke yo.

well, my brilliant self only wrote down half the recipe, so when i can remember all of it, you can have it. it was pretty amazing.

what is your favorite lunch? do you usually bring your lunch or buy it?

Catching up

oh, well hey there. you having a good weekend? i sure am.

great mix of relaxation, to-dos and fun.. AND I GET THE WHOLE WEEKEND OFF! and i didn’t even have to ask anyone! apparently that’s just one of the perks of the whole 9-5 thing.

i actually went out this weekend too. for those of you blog readers ( hi! i know you’re out there!) who don’t hang out with me regularly.. you don’t know how much of a grandma i can be.

case in point- planking at the academy of sciences= highlight of my week month.

in all seriousness though… working retail was exhausting. after being on my feet talking to people ALL day long, the last thing  i felt like doing after leaving work was going out and talking to people more.. so usually i went home and baked.

so it looks like changes are being made in all areas of my life- grandma G actually got her ass out this weekend.. twice! however, she did revert back to grandma-ness during her very exciting trip to target to exchange a malfunctioning blender. (girl’s gotta have her smoothies).

after the super exciting target extravaganza i did something i don’t do often enough. i cleaned… and made sweet potato fries. i used to make these guys all the time.. and then kind of stopped (they take a while to bake and usually i come home ready to eat my arm and refuse to wait 50 minutes for food)

i am very happy to say that sweet potatoes are  BACK in my life.

before. the after picture would have included a few burnt ones that i ate anyways.

and.. SO EXCITING! i may have figured out the key to crispy baked sweet potato fries!!! bake them at 375 for about 35-40 minutes and then finish them off at 400 for 7-10. that way the inside is creamy and the outside is crunchy.

not gonna lie.. im a little embarrassed i ate soggy fries for that long.

how was your weekend? did you get caught up on some to dos? did you have any wild nights?

also- I have a NEW blog roll page!!! Check it, yo. if you have any i should add.. let me know!



how to feed yourself

do you ever open the fridge and think, ‘crap, i have  NOTHING to eat.’ do you ever do that when you actually have a full fridge? i did today. unfortunately the majority of the food in the fridge is not mine.

2 days into the 9-5 thing and im not gonna lie, its totally different than what i’m used to… but luckily my job is super awesome and so far i LOVE it. (seriously had a moment today where i just kind of stopped and thought over and over in my head ‘i love my freaking job’)

sorry, back to food. my whole point is, feeding yourself can be tough!

first, you have to figure out what you want to eat. then you have to buy it at the store. then you have to figure out how you are going to combine it all into edible, coherent meals. then you have to prepare it (i’m assuming you didn’t just go to the store and buy prepared food.. if you did, shame on you). and then you have to eat it before it goes bad! exhausting. so then how the hell do you feed yourself????i start with an idea. do i want protein? fiber? carbs? sweet? (duh) salty? savory?

eggs are my go-to for quick, easy meals... when i can convince myself that cookies are not dinner

and once you get an idea for the base, add on. for example, i will start with eggs for protein.. then add 1/4 avocado for healthy fats, 1/3 cup black beans for fiber and added protein, and a handful or two of spinach for veggies (does ketchup count as a veggie.. cause i definitely add that too!). done and done. full meal for not a ton of calories.

now back to the 9-5 dealio. packing food to-go for the whole day is another story. eggs are off the menu for sure! this week has been a win for me so far with the whole lunch thang. on sunday i did a whole lotta preparations… i started with this:

btw thats quinoa.. in case you couldn't tell 🙂

and this:

the beautiful beginnings of a strawberry rhubarb cobbler filling.

*note- i went to a free farmers market this weekend. free as in they give you food for free. fresh, delicious, locally grown food. FOR. FREE. no, i will not tell you where it is 🙂 anyways, so i went to this free market, and they gave me cilantro, a lemon, a zucchini and some rhubarb (among many other delicious things!).

and ended up with my version of quinoa tabbouleh (basically start following Martha Stewart’s recipe, then decide to add a bunch of random stuff like sundried tomatoes and zucchini) and Mama Pea’s Cobbler Bars but with strawberry rhubarb sauce instead of blackberry jam. (sauce recipe to come… dealing with internet issues at the moment!)

yummy salad:

lunch for the next 3 days. trust me. its good.

and dessert (my favorite):

um, yes. it is as delicious as it looks. and yes, it's also pretty healthy.

and with a little bit of sunday legwork coupled with some fruit and protein bars.. i managed to feed myself for the last few days.

the end.

what’s your favorite food/recipe to take to work for lunch (if you choose to pack one)? do you take your lunch, or do you usually eat out?

still going strong! eat-in day 3

so its hump day today… although since i work non-traditional hours technically thursday is my hump day. (“thats what she said”)

haha i’m funny.

no really, its been 3 days and i’ve been pretty darn good about eating in! i actually made a salmon burger  (recipe thanks to Whole Wheat or Bust) this morning at 7:30 am. don’t worry, i didn’t eat it for breakfast.

heres what it looked like though:

mmm salmon-y mush!

that’s the before picture.. the after is a little more appetizing. and tastes probably a bit better too..

thats more like it!

on a sandwich thin with some hummus.. that’s a pretty good lunch right there (i would have added some spinach or avocado, but there were slim pickings in the fridge today).

i packed this guy up with a KIND bar, an apple and a muffin that i baked last week and had frozen for my lunches. i’m usually super good about making sure i have enough food for all day, but today i under-estimated my appetite. after a super duper sweaty yoga class, i was a hungry monster.

Speaking of healthy recipes.. there is a whole wheat banana zucchini loaf in my oven right now.. if it turns out as delicious as i’m hoping it might be another one for the books!

sneak peek:

Are you usually able to gauge how much food you’ll need throughout the day? Do you find that you’re much hungrier after certain activities? 

when i was doing crossfit at 6 am every morning i pretty much wanted to eat my arm for every meal. weight lifting definitely made me MUCH hungrier!