Bucket List- this is getting real.

I finally bought my ticket to New York for my little brother’s graduation- one step closer to the final (ish) destination.. England! As of May 20 I will be leaving San Francisco, the place I have called home for the better part of the last 3 years, to continue exploring, creating, learning and growing.

There are about a billion things I know I’ll miss about San Francisco- this city is pretty magical. Although I’ve had some pretty epic adventures in this city, there are still a few I have yet to experience, and others I would love to relive before I head out. As of TODAY, I have just over 4 weeks left to enjoy California, so I figured the best way for me to make sure I get through the ‘list’ is to actually write it down.

*** if you are available to join me for any of these mini-adventures, I WANT TO KNOW****




1. go to the beach! Yes, friends, this has been an epic failure on my part. Three years in SF and I have yet to lay on the cold, windy sand-sprawl of either Ocean or Baker beach.

2. check out sunset from Twin Peaks.

3. go to yoga on a Tuesday at Grace Cathedral.

4. go wine tasting.

5. explore space in music at Audium.

6. chow down on food truck grub at Off the Grid in the Presidio on a Sunday afternoon

7. run across the Golden Gate bridge

8. trampoline jumpstravaganza at House of Air

9. go to a Giants game! (this one I’ve already done a couple times, but think I need a last one before I leave)

10. drinks at the Tonga Room

11. dinner at Nopa (done it before, need to go again!)

12. brunch at Plow (ditto!)

13. picnic in Dolores Park complete with friends, mimosas, charcuterie and music.


I am literally crying as I write this- for those of you that know me well, you know that isn’t something that happens often! I will miss so much about San Francisco- the people, the hilly streets, the always-sunny Mission, the sketchy as hell Tenderloin, amazing food on every corner, the hipsters at Dolores park and dirty hippies in the Haight… among so many other things. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience San Francisco in so many different ways- here’s to many more years and many more cities- some may be just as exciting, but none will be the same..


As it has been said before: “San Francisco, you have my heart.”





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