I’ve never done this before, but how about instead of chatting your little faces off you just get to feast your eyes on some of the activities this semi-gainfully-employed individual has taken part in over the last week or so?

So here ya go, in somewhat chronological order…


lots of time spent in front of the computer, drinking delicious Stumptown coffee at this place


Full moon at the top of Bernal Heights park- Someone just added swings in the trees!


so much fun chatting, hiking in flip flops, and eating chargrilled quesadillas with these lovely ladies


enjoying some sunshine in Jenner, CA (north of Russian River)


Oakland adventures


I moved out of the Mission! Officially a Noe Valley resident, at least for the next 5 weeks!


Road trip home to Ojai- evening with Dad.

And in the next few weeks… COACHELLA! My birthday! New York to see the little bro graduate! and then THE BIG MOVE. yup, thats right friends, I’m leaving the country.


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