in a glass case of emotion….

… for like 3 minutes, then i calmed down.

i have never been what you would call an ‘organized’ person. i have various ideas surrounding the concept of organization, that i occasionally make half assed attempts at implementing. sometimes these ideas stick, but more often than not i revert to the most fool proof (read: not fool proof at all) method for organizing my life… stick everything on a bunch of little shelves in my brain and hope i don’t get amnesia.

basically, me remembering anything at all is a game of roulette that i may or may not win. ironic, cause i always say jews only bet on a sure thing.

so at this point, i have all of these ideas on little brain-shelving units about where and how and what i am going to do in south america.. and this morning i had a minor freak out about it. i haven’t bought a single bus or plane ticket since the initial big guy last week. and I’m a little worried that the big master plan of colombia->ecuador->peru->bolivia and back might be a little  aggressive for the 4 weeks ill be there.

i woke up this morning and spent a few minutes checking the weather in various locales in colombia, ecuador, peru and bolivia… and 7 out of 9 all forecasted anywhere from 70s-90s AND ALL LIGHTNING/RAINSTORMS.

i might drown

i might drown

excuse my language grandma.. but F*** THAT.

luckily, my travel anxiety subsided almost as quickly as it came on. yeah, i might not have enough time to do everything i want to do. yeah, i might get a little rained on (just hopefully not struck by lightning). and there is also a pretty decent chance i might be stuck in the fort lauderdale airport for 14 hours on tuesday due to a flight connection that only gives me 30 minutes to deplane and replane.

but ya know.. shit happens. and i could spend a bunch of time stressing about it, or i could just roll with the punches. ultimately, i can only control what i can control.

to anyone reading this- please cross your fingers that you don’t end up reading a blog post from me entitled “14 things to do in the airport when you are stuck there for 14 hours”.. thats one i really don’t want to have to write.


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