now what?

ok so i quit my job- go me. now what?

i could start a career reviewing coffee shops- considering how many there are in this city i could keep myself busy (and caffeinated) for years. i did consider bike messenging (is that a word?) until i cycled next to a bike messenger the other day- we had a little chat, and from the amount to which i could gauge he hated his life, i think I’m going to rule that one out. plus apparently you aren’t allowed to shower as a bike messenger?


ill stick to just being a recreational cyclist thankyouverymuch

so once i went through that whole pro/con process of job vs. no job (trust me, i left out A LOT here- you’re welcome) , i did what any normal person would do. i started looking for plane tickets. SFO-BOG 12/16-1/16. 

not ecuador, but a beach nonetheless

not ecuador, but a beach nonetheless

in the 2 days since i made this amazing decision, i have come across a number of really illuminating blogs and travel resources- a ton of which are actually tailored for solo women travelers (see, worried adults, i am not the only crazy one out there!).

(Check out Go Girl Guides -i literally went through EVERY blog post they have on the site in the last couple of days. )

my affinity for doing things on my own began years ago- probably the first time i got sucked into a really good book. i used to snuggle in the pillows of a huge armchair in my living room, and since i was so tiny and the chair was so big, i managed to hide in a whole other world without even trying. as i got older, i found myself doing more and more on my own- my independent streak finally merging with my adventurous side when i planned my first solo trip to bali in 2010. looking back, this was such a ‘safe’ option- i had been to bali 4 times previously, was going to spend a couple of days with my dad when i was there, and knew people in at least 2 other cities on the island. in the end, i really only spent a few days alone- traveling on your own is the best way to find like-minded people and strike up friendships!

gilley islands, international crew

gilley islands, international crew- representin’ canada, italy, belgium, brazil, USA, spain and australia

over the next few years, i had my short bouts of solo travel- a few days in barcelona, a night on my own in bogota, a recent road trip up the california coast… and each one made me hungry for more. the best thing about being by yourself is you have no one else to answer to- you can make ANY decision at ANY time and the only person you have to blame if that decision sucks is you. so see y’all later, ill be gettin down with my bad self somewhere in SA in about T-a week and a half. BOOM.

any suggestions? ill happily take ’em! any friends in colombia/peru/ecuador/bolivia? ill happily sleep on their couch and take them out for a beer! anything i absolutely positively have to see/do? TELL ME NOW. 

**all this independent woman talk aside, finding a partner (preferably a sexy dude partner) that i can adventure through life with as easily as i could on my own is my dream- someone flexible without being spineless, opinionated without being stuck in his ways, spontaneous but not reckless and fun but not balls to the wall insane… I’m not riding my bike off a cliff.. at least without a parachute.


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