chicken and other things that people either like or don’t

Ive got a problem*. love to eat <—not a problem. I love to move. I love doing things that are HARD. (yeah i know, thats what she said..). I love to create- food, writing, ideas, relationships. So this whole blogging thing kind of includes all of that stuff, right? Its clearly about food, i gotta move a little to burn off the stuff i shove in my face, its hard because obviously i cant stick with it, and its ALL about creating. 

so wheres the stickiness factor? i devour other blogs like theyre a giant plate of gluten free cookies that someone is about to set on fire, and i admire the strong, independent women (and a couple awesome dudes) that have the balls to bare their daily lives to the world. whats to stop me being one of them? i cook some pretty tasty shit, love working out, and sometimes my life can actually be sort of interesting. 

ive heard a bunch of ideas about how to make something into a habit. the most glaringly obvious way to engage in something regularly and make it part of your routine is to ACTUALLY FUCKING DO IT. 

so i cooked something yesterday. ive been cooking a lot of good stuff in the past couple weeks- mostly due to the fact that i finally admitted i have a sugar problem and am trying to cut that shit out. thanks to the 21 Day Sugar Detox i have a fool proof guide, as well as a $21 investment to work off (come on, i gotta get my moneys worth).

so what have i made? well, some of my favorite things ive put in my face lately have been broiled eggplant, roasted cauliflower*, chicken pan fried with the savory spice blend from Practical Paleo, lots of avocado, carrots and almond butter (but not together, thats weird).

coolest part of this whole thing, is that stuff that shouldnt taste sweet now does- almond butter tastes like frosting, green apples are like candy, and walnuts have this weird sweet taste to them. 

and thats enough rambling for now. i WILL post a recipe next time i blog. maybe ill even take a shitty photo of it. cause really, i read blogs for the recipes, the photos kind of get in the way.

now go eat a goddam avocado. theyre delicious.



*if you didnt get it, my problem is i dont blog. even though its rad and i like doing it.

*easiest cauliflower recipe ever: cut head of cauliflower into florets, preheat oven to 400, toss cauliflower in olive oil (about 1 tbsp per medium head of c-flower), add some saltn’pepa and roast for 40-60 mins, flipping every 15 or so. bam. done. bomb.



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