reinvigoration plan.

looks like the prodigal son (daughter) is back from her long hiatus. a lot has happened. most importantly, i finally got a computer! and not just any computer.. a freakin macbook air. im really coming up in the world. and i now have NO EXCUSES to not blog. 

seriously though, heres a few things (among many) that have happened since i last posted..

-i learned how to climb rocks (well mostly fake rocks, but also a few real ones)

-i became one of those douchebag cyclists that weave through traffic (far cry from the girl who was too scared to ride down market st..)

-i stopped eating gluten (and feel so much better because of it!)

-i got over my weird fear of cooking meat (the raw-ness of it really used to freak me out)

-i started taking improv classes (and finding that maybe im not as funny as i think i am)

-i got a promotion! call me ms. manager.

…amongst other less notable achievements…

a lot changes in 18 months. and at the same time, so many things stay constant. im still single. still figuring out what the hell i want to do with my life. still cooking random delicious things and often forgetting to write the recipes down. still reading food, lifestyle and fitness blogs and asking myself why i dont update mine more often. and still daydreaming about where i want to travel next.

i try now and (and forever) to focus on the things that make me happy- good food, interesting conversation, sunshine, creativity, live music, physical activity, and people that i love and love me.

something big that ive realized the last year or so is that all of the stuff i want to change really only matters until it doesnt anymore. all of the stuff that pisses me off, makes me sad, frustrated or down on myself only makes a difference in my life until it just DOESNT anymore. think about it this way- every hurdle, every difficulty in your life, everything you stayed up at night worrying about- only mattered until it didn’t. such a simple concept but kind of mindblowing if you ask me. 

Imagespeaking of mindblowing- heres a classic coachella shot.


my commitment here is- post some recipes, maybe some funny shit that happens to me, maybe some semi-deep stuff that no one really cares about. and maybe no one will read this. can i ask that if you do though, and if anything said here resonates with you- let me know. 


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