p-p-p-aleo (ish) and how i got here

oh.. hey there. been a while! miss me? there have been a few changes around here since the last time we hung out… you ready?


ive been busy doing awesome things like this..

i really didnt want to jump on that gluten free bandwagon.. i know, i know, gluten free is sooooo trendy right now. but really, i wasnt going to give up delicious, gooey, chewy gluten-rich cookies for no reason. 

so then what the hell happened?!?

heres the story. i had been feeling really lethargic for about 3 weeks- like, REALLY lethargic. i mean, its always taken me a cup of coffee or two before i’m ready to have conversations in the morning, and i always struggled getting out of bed, but this was worse. i didn’t want to work out, and when i did it would take me half an hour to really get in the groove. my brain would cloud over and i would struggle to keep my concentration, especially in the afternoons. i blamed it on lack of sleep (which in retrospect is a little ridiculous- im a grandma and go to bed at 1030 every night). this continued on for a while until one evening i went out for a delicious dinner of pizza, pasta, and pretty much every type of gluten-y food an italian restaurant serves. we called it an early night, and i got about 9 hours of sleep that night. i woke up EXHAUSTED. being the amazing food detective that i am, i put two and two together and came up with a hypothesis.

IF i eat gluten, THEN i feel tired, cloudy, and a little bloated (sorry for the TMI. youll get used to it.)

well, friends, its been about 2 months since i started testing my hypothesis. and i feel awesome. hypothesis proven. and the rabbit hole has gotten super deep. not only have i given up gluten, but also corn, beans and legumes, and ive been trying (its so hard!) to stay away from soy, refined sugars and most processed foods.



juicy tomatoes and a my-size chair at the san rafael farmers market

i therefore dubbed myself “paleo-ish”

so then the question i am sure is on the tip of your tongue is what AM i eating? ( i assume if you’ve gotten this far, you actually care.)

-LOTS of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, eggplant, cabbage, carrots, kale.. the list goes on.

-Fruit! Apples, pears, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, dates.. you get it.

-Almond butter! yes friends, i have crossed over to the AB team. thank you trader joes for not charging me an arm and a leg for some ground up almonds and some sea salt

-protein.. i finally got over my weird fear of cooking raw meat, and now i kind of enjoy it. 

as someone that has included peanut butter in my short list of must-have food staples (list includes sweet potatoes, apples, oatmeal, among others) for pretty much as long as i can remember, it was a tough breakup. the ONE thing i refused to get rid of was oatmeal. i literally have a love affair with oatmeal (and it is technically gluten free, although it is often processed in facilities that also process wheat products) and i drew the line at giving up my precious overnight oatmeal. 

so all of this rambling brings me to now. im sitting in my living room, watching the giants game (does anyone else find humor in the fact that there is a player named angel pagan?), enjoying paleo brownies, and waiting for some slow cooker balsamic short ribs to finish cooking. for those of you nay-sayers out there, does it sound like im depriving myself?


my life, minus gluten.


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