life and times of gigiboots.

im not gonna lie, part of the reason i haven’t posted in so long is because i’m a little embarrassed that i havent posted in so long.. talk about a vicious cycle!

so heres whats been up in the world of gigiboots…

i have no idea who that lady is

i went to spain!

no joke, took about 15 minutes to get everyone to stop talking, look at the camera and stand still. herding cats is probably easier

wait did i say look at the camera? apparently half the family didnt hear that part…

it was amazing having the whole family (well, most of it) together. since my dad is from england, all of his side of the family lives there. i dont get to see them as often as id like, since vacation time stops being built into life once you’re out of school. anyways, we all got together to celebrate my grandpas 90th birthday. 

yes, i said NINETY. and he doesnt look a day over 78. seriously. we took him hiking, to the beach, out to the clubs. (kidding, not out to the clubs… i tried though). my grandpas kind of a BAMF.

so what else did i do during my little blog hiatus?

i went to hardly strictly.

for those of you that arent in touch with the sf scene.. thats basically a gigantic free concert in the park= lots of drunk hippies not wearing shoes.

i went to santa cruz… and spent a little time at the amazing Swanton Berry Farm

i mostly picked berries.. but for some reason chose to display the beets and sunflowers instead. note to self: beets photograph awkwardly

ive also made some pretty awesome food..

and i am now realizing that i havent photographed ANY of it. oops.

to make up for it, heres a really cute puppy. cute enough to eat?

better than pictures of weird healthy baked goods? cuter, but i bet less tasty.

heres a few recipes ive taken a stab at… all very successful!

Pumpkin Molasses Cookie Dough Balls– a la Mama Pea

Challah (at yo’ girllllllll)- Smitten kitchen

Butternut Squash Soup– SO easy!!

and some almond meal banana nut muffins that were a weird hybrid between 3 different recipes.. heres one that i used as a guide-

ive also gotten back into my green smoothie phase. seriously, having one of these a day cuts back on my sugar cravings like no other. and its kind of hilarious seeing everyone’s grossed out faces as i carry my jug (i like my smoothies like i like my men… tall. with a big banana.*im sorry, i had to. i think im sooooo funny) of bright green smoothie through the office. its just so tasty.. and so….. GREEN. i know i’ve said this before, but try adding a little spinach to your next smoothie. it pumps up the nutrition value like crazy, adds very few calories, and the color is enough to keep anyone from stealing it from you. (in case you work with food thieves?)

have you come across any good recipes lately? what do you like to cook when the weather gets colder? 

i swear, i can’t follow a recipe to save my life.. even the couple i posted above i had to make a few adjustments. art imitating life? (food is art, btw)


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