whirlwhind weekend.

to be honest, i really dont feel like blogging. BUT… i know once i write a blog post i will feel AWESOME.

kind of like how eating healthy and exercising feels. sometimes its so much easier to walk 2 steps to the fully stocked candy drawer (really its more like a candy cabinet) that calls my name from across the row, but i know if i eat a piece of fruit instead i will feel WAY better (in my body and in my head).

it’s so much easier to pretend i’m too tired to exercise, but there has never been a time when i didn’t feel way better (again, in my body and in my head) after a great workout.

so then why is it that we always take the ‘easy’ way out… when just putting a teeny bit more effort into something makes us feel like a million bucks?

me, feeling like a million bucks.

in the long run, isn’t it much easier to enjoy life as a healthy older person rather than someone who is sick and has to go to the doctor all the time?

(instant gratification, i hate you for making me want sweet, sweet candy)

ok. so thats my rant for today. hope you enjoyed it. or at least can relate to my sugar loving self.

so what have i been up to? dang, it was a LONG weekend. comedy show, airport trip to pick up the bff, mission beach cafe, shopping, pub crawl, abalone eating, brunch again, farmers market, fremont diner, wine tasting, homemade puff pastry and steamed pork buns (!), blueberry pancakes, sleepovers, hiking, failed trip to rainbow grocery, cashew butter success, dinner,humphrey slocombe…. WOW.

and now in photos:

fremont diner. go here. ask for julie.

the girl in the picture is not julie, btw. she just happened to be in the way. and serves as proof that people do things at fremont diner, it isnt just an awesome looking kitchen.

proof that wine was tasted.

i get what people mean about wine tasting getting you hammered. you’re basically just taking shots of wine in quick succession.

(oh wait, thats just me being uncouth) <—- definition 2C is me in a nutshell. dont worry, i wont tell anyone you clicked.

wow, there are a lot of people in my photos today.. how unsual

hiking= awesome. hiking in sonoma with one of my favorite people in perfect weather through a vineyard= SUPER AWESOME.

artistic phone photos? i dont know

then when we got back to the city, i made cashew butter

(so easy…. 1 cup cashews, just under 1/4 tsp salt, literally process until butter. occasionally scrape down the sides of the food processor. IT WILL TASTE LIKE COOKIE DOUGH I SWEAR!)

and julie took artistic photos with my phone. see above.

then we ate peruvian food and ice cream. humphry slocombe has a sorbet flavor called jesus juice… guess what flavor that is?

ps. i guessed correctly. then i tried some and felt taken advantage of. 10 points if you get the reference.

how was your 3 day weekend? did you indulge or keep up your healthy habits?

yeah, i definitely indulged… and then got in an awesome workout and amazing fresh food today so i feel a-ok.


3 thoughts on “whirlwhind weekend.

  1. did you go to foodbuzz?? i almost hope you say no, because that would mean i missed seeing you! i forgot that you live in SF until i came over here to get your wonderful zucchini bread recipe, we could definitely meet up sometime!

    • didnt go to foodbuzz.. i wish i did though! dont you have to be invited? i dont really know how all that works…

      did you go? how was it???

      yes. definitely let me know next time you’re in SF.. ive been a terrible blogger lately, but im going to try to be better!

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