bite size pieces of my week.

its sunday again.. which means i am completing the *new* sunday rituals… breakfast, coffee, blog reading, blog writing- in that order. if you need some blog reading material (other than Bite Size Pieces, of course), check out my new Blogs I LOVE page.

unfortunately (for you!) i forgot my little notebook in which i write the hieroglyphics that  i somehow manage to decipher into coherent recipes.

which means, i am sitting here, still completing the sunday rituals, but you all will just have to wait a few more days for the recipe for these guys….

haha this is like the 3rd picture of these ive posted... im such a muffin tease 🙂

but lets see… what else have i made this week…..

there was an attempt at cinnamon apple almond kamut puff bars. flavor= SPOT ON. texture= no bueno. these guys would NOT stay together!

but they look so promising.. damn you brown rice syrup 'glue'

once i get the texture figured out this recipe is all yours!

i made tofu from Mama Pea’s cookbook. well, to be fair, i started making a recipe for her ‘fun nuggets’, then decided to have some fun of my own using the entire contents of my spice cabinet. im not too sure what to call the results. lets just say they were fun nuggets with artistic flair.

i also went to nopa again. yeah, im obsessed. and its 2 blocks from my house.

i am planning on doing ANOTHER nopa recap post, but if you gave up food porn for lent or are just bored of fancy delicious food photos, then let me know and i will spare you the agony of seeing the photos and not being able to eat the food off the screen.

*yes i know its not lent. but im jewish, so i don’t really keep track of these things.

i also checked out the street food festival in the mission yesterday. and then went second hand shopping (food and shopping.. HELL YES)

i forgot to take photos. so instead, heres some from Off the Grid (you can pretend i ate this yesterday instead of 2 weeks ago, i dont mind)

hapa sf pork taco. with a side of thumbholes

the street food festival basically looked like this plus 1000 people. good thing im small and fast like baby deer.


newfound love for kale (new for me, old for smarter people).. steam that b*tch and sprinkle on some nutritional yeast, garlic powder, tiny bit of paprika and a little bit of soy sauce. eat with brown rice and an over easy egg. BOOM. dinner of champions.

any questions?

what has your week been like? do you have a weekend routine? does it include coffee*? 

*because if not, frankly i dont want to hear about it. (kidding).


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