my new favorite lunch

the way my work day is set up, i come in at 8 and leave at 5 with an hour break in the middle somewhere. i had this grand idea in my head that i would be exploring downtown san francisco’s millions of eateries during this one hour break, but two weeks in i am actually very proud to say i have yet to eat lunch away from my desk.

and why am i proud of that?

because almost every day my lunch hour has been spent doing one of the multiple TRX workouts that happen at the office daily. so since i exercise on my break, i munch on lunch from home in front of my computer.

good idea? some may say no. according to many studies, eating lunch in front of your computer or television can cause you to eat more.

i don’t necessarily think that eating in front of my computer is a bad idea… until i realize that i have hummus all over my keyboard.

at least my work keyboard has less food on it than my home keyboard….

so this is my post on how to make the best desk lunch ever. (or at least the easiest)

1. get a big ass wrap/tortilla/2 slices of bread

toppings.... ASSEMBLEEEEEEEE *you have to say in an anchorman voice.. at 6:30 am.

2. assemble toppings. i ALWAYS have to have a healthy fat, some sort of spread, protein and greens. everything else is just more ounce for your bounce.

3. spread your spread (right now im loving TJs tomato and basil hummus… great tangy flavor). if using avocado, this goes right on top of the spread (so the greens stick)

4. press greens into spread so they ‘stick’. *makes a big difference with sandwiches.. no one likes losing their greens mid bite.

5. layer protein on top. i have been using reduced sodium columbus brand deli turkey. but for vegetarians i would suggest an amy’s brand veggie burger or baked tempeh/tofu.  use my recipe for nuggets, but do strips instead of cubes for easy wrappage/sandwiching.

looks like a burrito, but awesomer

6. roll that bitch up. and wrap in tinfoil so it stays all wrappy and shiz. *i dont know why i got all ghetto there. something to do with the shininess of tinfoil?

7. check your watch every 15 minutes til lunchtime. enjoy.


and some of you may have seen the delicious looking muffins that i had in my oven the other day… if not here ya go

yup, that there is a batch of (homemade) blueberry jam stuffed muffins. no joke yo.

well, my brilliant self only wrote down half the recipe, so when i can remember all of it, you can have it. it was pretty amazing.

what is your favorite lunch? do you usually bring your lunch or buy it?


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