the brunch dreams are made of

so this will be the second time nopa has appeared on bite size pieces, but i can almost guarantee it wont be the last.

after a whole saturday of fun, i took full advantage and headed out for one of the most weekend-y things you can do.. sunday brunch!

all right, i didnt really go all out.. no alcohol was involved. but… i did pretty much roll myself out the door.

we started with this:

anything with the word custard in the title is ok by me

custard french toast.. we definitely went for dessert first!

i went for the pork for my meal


for some strange reason i’ve been kind of into eating pork lately. not like ‘hey im going to go buy a pork chop and cook it, but like ‘hey i’m at a nice restaurant and pork sounds good”

sorry, back to our regularly scheduled food porn programming…

ah yes. the pork.

i wish i could give you a bite through the screen

and yes, that is a big-ass biscuit next to the porkiness. i wanted to snuggle up in between the layers and sleep til tuesday, then wake up and eat the magically still-fresh 3 day old biscuit. imagine that!

one friend got this beauty:

sausage smiley face?

house-made chorizo with hominy and poached eggs.

and the other ordered this:

yup, thats a polenta cake. its crispy and delicious

i need to figure out how to crispify polenta like this. too good.

so i have concluded that nopa pretty much lives up to the hype. go there. and if you do, invite me to join you.

other than that, weekend happenings include washing running shoes, doing a gnarly bodyrock workout, (i described what i would like my body to look like as something in between what i’ve got, and what zuzana‘s body looks like. she’s effing STRONG.) eating my favorite muffin from arizmendi, and grocery shopping.

today my goal is to get a recipe up for you guys… it’s about freakin’ time.

(hint: it will probably include trader joes dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.. because im obsessed)



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