Catching up

oh, well hey there. you having a good weekend? i sure am.

great mix of relaxation, to-dos and fun.. AND I GET THE WHOLE WEEKEND OFF! and i didn’t even have to ask anyone! apparently that’s just one of the perks of the whole 9-5 thing.

i actually went out this weekend too. for those of you blog readers ( hi! i know you’re out there!) who don’t hang out with me regularly.. you don’t know how much of a grandma i can be.

case in point- planking at the academy of sciences= highlight of my week month.

in all seriousness though… working retail was exhausting. after being on my feet talking to people ALL day long, the last thing  i felt like doing after leaving work was going out and talking to people more.. so usually i went home and baked.

so it looks like changes are being made in all areas of my life- grandma G actually got her ass out this weekend.. twice! however, she did revert back to grandma-ness during her very exciting trip to target to exchange a malfunctioning blender. (girl’s gotta have her smoothies).

after the super exciting target extravaganza i did something i don’t do often enough. i cleaned… and made sweet potato fries. i used to make these guys all the time.. and then kind of stopped (they take a while to bake and usually i come home ready to eat my arm and refuse to wait 50 minutes for food)

i am very happy to say that sweet potatoes are  BACK in my life.

before. the after picture would have included a few burnt ones that i ate anyways.

and.. SO EXCITING! i may have figured out the key to crispy baked sweet potato fries!!! bake them at 375 for about 35-40 minutes and then finish them off at 400 for 7-10. that way the inside is creamy and the outside is crunchy.

not gonna lie.. im a little embarrassed i ate soggy fries for that long.

how was your weekend? did you get caught up on some to dos? did you have any wild nights?

also- I have a NEW blog roll page!!! Check it, yo. if you have any i should add.. let me know!




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