how to feed yourself

do you ever open the fridge and think, ‘crap, i have  NOTHING to eat.’ do you ever do that when you actually have a full fridge? i did today. unfortunately the majority of the food in the fridge is not mine.

2 days into the 9-5 thing and im not gonna lie, its totally different than what i’m used to… but luckily my job is super awesome and so far i LOVE it. (seriously had a moment today where i just kind of stopped and thought over and over in my head ‘i love my freaking job’)

sorry, back to food. my whole point is, feeding yourself can be tough!

first, you have to figure out what you want to eat. then you have to buy it at the store. then you have to figure out how you are going to combine it all into edible, coherent meals. then you have to prepare it (i’m assuming you didn’t just go to the store and buy prepared food.. if you did, shame on you). and then you have to eat it before it goes bad! exhausting. so then how the hell do you feed yourself????i start with an idea. do i want protein? fiber? carbs? sweet? (duh) salty? savory?

eggs are my go-to for quick, easy meals... when i can convince myself that cookies are not dinner

and once you get an idea for the base, add on. for example, i will start with eggs for protein.. then add 1/4 avocado for healthy fats, 1/3 cup black beans for fiber and added protein, and a handful or two of spinach for veggies (does ketchup count as a veggie.. cause i definitely add that too!). done and done. full meal for not a ton of calories.

now back to the 9-5 dealio. packing food to-go for the whole day is another story. eggs are off the menu for sure! this week has been a win for me so far with the whole lunch thang. on sunday i did a whole lotta preparations… i started with this:

btw thats quinoa.. in case you couldn't tell 🙂

and this:

the beautiful beginnings of a strawberry rhubarb cobbler filling.

*note- i went to a free farmers market this weekend. free as in they give you food for free. fresh, delicious, locally grown food. FOR. FREE. no, i will not tell you where it is 🙂 anyways, so i went to this free market, and they gave me cilantro, a lemon, a zucchini and some rhubarb (among many other delicious things!).

and ended up with my version of quinoa tabbouleh (basically start following Martha Stewart’s recipe, then decide to add a bunch of random stuff like sundried tomatoes and zucchini) and Mama Pea’s Cobbler Bars but with strawberry rhubarb sauce instead of blackberry jam. (sauce recipe to come… dealing with internet issues at the moment!)

yummy salad:

lunch for the next 3 days. trust me. its good.

and dessert (my favorite):

um, yes. it is as delicious as it looks. and yes, it's also pretty healthy.

and with a little bit of sunday legwork coupled with some fruit and protein bars.. i managed to feed myself for the last few days.

the end.

what’s your favorite food/recipe to take to work for lunch (if you choose to pack one)? do you take your lunch, or do you usually eat out?


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