food evolution

all the crazy things going on in my life right now have got me thinking about change.. both past and present.

and since what i do when im stressed, confused or need to mellow out is bake… i’ve also been baking a lot.. which in turn has gotten me thinking about food and how my eating habits have changed over the years.

when i was just a little muffin, i refused to eat veggies, loved all things breakfast, and could probably eat cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner.

fast-forward to late high school/early college years. i think i ate a steak quesadilla for lunch at least once a week my senior year of high school… and considered tropical skittles to be the ‘healthy’ dessert choice.

once i hit my college-mid point (around the time i realized my clothes didn’t really fit too well anymore), i started to integrate more and more vegetables and healthy choices into my meals. fruit, whole grains, salads.. these began to show their faces more often in my meal choices… and then when i started to exercise regularly.. wowie! i felt AWESOME.

i'm pretty sure that at 17 i didn't even know what kale was

so here i am now.. 2 years out of college. i LOVE veggies, no longer pretend to be allergic to tomatoes, prefer my healthy cookies over Mrs. Field’s hydrogenated ones, and i get pretty grumpy if i miss my workouts.

i’m pretty sure my 17 year old self would be really confused by my 24 year old self.

most of my meals look a little more like this.. yay for colorful food!


how have your eating habits changed over the years? have you found that some foods you used to hate are now some of your favorites?


*this week has been crazy busy, but i’ll get some new recipes/meal ideas up next week! wish me luck at the new job!!



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