is it? could it be? summer?

summer? does summer even exist in san francisco?

on every third wednesday in july from 9am-1pm it might… or might not. or it might pop up serendipitously (spell check tells me this is not a word?) on a sunday. in which case you do what all good nor-cal-ians do on a sunny sunday. you head outside. but not to the beach, because its too effing cold there.

next time, im bringing beer.

what else can you do on a sort of almost kinda summery day? 

eat nectarine-blueberry coffee cake from the most delicious bakery in the world (depending on who you ask).

disclaimer: coffee cake in photo is MUCH larger than it appears.

i’ve been REALLY stoked on summer fruit this week… im convinced that winter is the season for veggies (brussels sprouts, yams, root veggies) and summer is when im in fruit heaven. blueberries, peaches, plums, strawberries… i can’t get enough!

so sunday evening i did this….

yup, you're jealous you're not my neighbor 🙂

and then took half of it downstairs to share with some lucky people. i had to do something, otherwise i might have eaten it all myself!

are you taking full advantage of the amazingness that is summer fruit? what’s your favorite? mine’s definitely blueberries. just imagine me sitting in a bucket full of blueberries with juice smeared all over my face. thats how i want to die.

any favorite summer fruit recipes? FitSugar had a great summer recipe round up.. check it out!


*sorry for the teeny tiny pictures, the interwebs at my house are no bueno this week.. posting from a coffee shop. im so trendy.


3 thoughts on “is it? could it be? summer?

  1. My fave is strawberries and watermelon! I have sooo many summer recipes I am getting ready to post and most of them involve either watermelon, cucumber, tomato, or strawberries/blueberries. Nom!

    Also.. I might be going to SF this weekend and am going to try to meet up with Steph from CinnamonBums. It be fun for all of us to meet up!

    ps – Def gonna make this bread. Hopefully today!

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