still going strong! eat-in day 3

so its hump day today… although since i work non-traditional hours technically thursday is my hump day. (“thats what she said”)

haha i’m funny.

no really, its been 3 days and i’ve been pretty darn good about eating in! i actually made a salmon burger  (recipe thanks to Whole Wheat or Bust) this morning at 7:30 am. don’t worry, i didn’t eat it for breakfast.

heres what it looked like though:

mmm salmon-y mush!

that’s the before picture.. the after is a little more appetizing. and tastes probably a bit better too..

thats more like it!

on a sandwich thin with some hummus.. that’s a pretty good lunch right there (i would have added some spinach or avocado, but there were slim pickings in the fridge today).

i packed this guy up with a KIND bar, an apple and a muffin that i baked last week and had frozen for my lunches. i’m usually super good about making sure i have enough food for all day, but today i under-estimated my appetite. after a super duper sweaty yoga class, i was a hungry monster.

Speaking of healthy recipes.. there is a whole wheat banana zucchini loaf in my oven right now.. if it turns out as delicious as i’m hoping it might be another one for the books!

sneak peek:

Are you usually able to gauge how much food you’ll need throughout the day? Do you find that you’re much hungrier after certain activities? 

when i was doing crossfit at 6 am every morning i pretty much wanted to eat my arm for every meal. weight lifting definitely made me MUCH hungrier!


3 thoughts on “still going strong! eat-in day 3

    • Hi Cindy! Unfortunately i haven’t been able to take classes for a while now because there isn’t a crossfit close to my house in sf 😦 however, I do a lot of crossfit style workouts on my own and would LOVE to continue with classes in the future!! Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting! How long have you been a crossfitter for?

  1. The burger came out great! And I am just like you – I am STARVING on days when I weight train. But thats a good thing, it means we worked out HARD and our metabolisms are revved. Anddd it also means following up with some ice cream!

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