eat-in challenge.. are you game?

over the course of the last week or so, i’ve eaten out probably 5 times. each time i ate out, it was because i had made plans with a friend.. and my plans almost always involve food.

see for yourself: nopa… in pictures.

monday lunch:

mmmm ramen.

wednesday dinner:

sharing is caring.

and probably 3 others that i forgot to immortalize with a photo.

after yet another meal out the other night night (no complaints about the food or company!) i woke up feeling a little dehydrated, a little hungry and a lot inspired.

here’s the thing… not only is eating out more expensive, but you have no control over what exactly you’re putting into your body. restaurant food generally contains more salt, more oil or butter and way bigger portions than you would have at home!

looks healthy... but looks can be deceiving!

which means that you are ultimately eating more calories, consuming more sodium, and spending more money…. for less nutrition!

so here is what i propose:

an eat-in challenge!

for one week (7 consecutive days) i will be eating only food i prepare myself and buy at the grocery store.

here are the rules for the challenge:

1. any restaurant meal or snack is off limits.

2. snacks bought during regular grocery trips (ie. granola bars and hummus) are allowed.

3. coffee doesn’t count…. coffee is a non-negotiable in my book.

4. creativity is encouraged, but not necessary. (ie. pb&j for lunch all week long is totally valid.. but let’s try and get out of the box a little!)

I will be beginning this challenge RIGHT NOW. For the next week, I will only be eating food I prepare at home (or someone shares with me from their home). I will do my best to take pictures of my meals, and encourage all of you to share yours with me!

Here are a few meal/snack ideas for the next week:

Lentil burgers

mmmm with eggs and lots of ketchup.. yum

Green smoothie

Quinoa Salad

Banana oatmeal bars (perfect for a quick snack or breakfast)

Easy peasy baked tofu (throw in/on a salad or stir-fry with veggies)

Check out a few of my favorite recipe sites for inspiration, or email me at and I’ll hook you up with some ideas!

Peas and Thank You

Fannetastic Food

Oh She Glows

Edible Perspective

Happy eating!

What are you planning on making this week? I’ve got my eye on some banana bread recipes, kale salad and a fun get-together to make homemade pizza!











2 thoughts on “eat-in challenge.. are you game?

  1. I know what you mean about eating out too much! We have had a lot of company visiting this summer and also taken a few trips which have resulted in a lot of meals out. It makes me feel kinda gross after awhile. I have been enjoying cooking at home this week!

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