tidbits of joy

this may be the best text message i’ve ever received:

i guess i shouldn’t be too surprised. he did tell me that eminem is his favorite rapper. i wonder if he went to the concert hoping that they would be performing that one song they have about killing each other?

this definitely brought a smile to my face! it’s been a busy couple of weeks and little things like this can definitely make my day 🙂

things like:

finding the name of one of your favorite people on a can of beans:

and eating delicious food on a rainy day:

turkey chili, i love you.

kicking my own ass at the gym:

(insert picture here)

haha i refuse to take sweaty gross photos of myself at the gym!

homemade protein bars:

yeah i know, i make a lot of food that looks super gross. but tastes great.

(check out the recipe here)

what are some little things you can do this week to put a smile on your face? 


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