friday night foodgasm

for the first time ever, i managed to eat a meal with courses and not feel like my stomach was punching me from the inside. for those of you in the city that haven’t been to nopa, im assuming it’s because you can’t afford it or havent heard of it.

last night i decided to get over the fact that dinner was probably going to cost me a day’s work and just went for it. and HOLY CRAP IT WAS DELICIOUS.

lets set the scene here- we walk in, no reservations, friday night around 7pm (i know, we have awesome timing) and manage to get seated at the chef’s table.

meaning we got to see this:

action shot.. this chick was fired up on coffee and adrenaline

and then all hell broke loose. im pretty sure our waitress (who was super trendy, yet not the trendiest one.. i think that award went to the dude with the chops/pirate shirt/pouty lips/suede vest combo) thought we were nuts. or those people that are missing the gene that tell them when they’re full.

and we ordered this:

and this:

and this:

and a couple others that i forgot to snap photos of. the crowning glory of the meal, though, was definitely the desserts. and also the only course we actually finished (we went home with 4 to go boxes… i think our eyes are MUCH bigger than our stomachs)

drumroll please.


and thanks to our new friend alejandro, we knew that the best way to enjoy the desserts were to eat a little bit of each together. a tiny bit of the butterscotch pie with a little bite of sopapilla…..WOWIE. partytime in my mouth.

so how did i manage to eat all this and more and not have to roll myself out of there?

since i knew there was more coming, i paced myself. the only plates we actually finished were a small salad and the desserts (because dessert is the most important part of the meal, duh). if i didn’t LOVE something, i only had a few bites. and contrary to the usual.. i ate verrrryyyyy verrryyyy slowly. i think our entire meal took about 2 hours. that’s two hours of foodgasms. what man has ever done that for ya?



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