the breakfast cookie, part 2

this post is dedicated to the breakfast cookie. and her cousin, overnight oats. (with a brief appearance by their super fun uncle, overnight oats in a jar (thanks to Tina for introducing me to the idea… i’m a big fan of maximizing the amount of pb i get out of the jar!)

as i mentioned before, i have been enjoying some version of this for breakfast almost every day for a while now. i love that i can spend 5 minutes preparing my breakfast before i go to bed, and when i wake up all i have to do is grab a spoon.

unfortunately, i dont think a lot of my friends have jumped on the breakfast cookie bandwagon, due to the fact that it looks like poop.

before going in the fridge (night before)

well, GET OVER IT PEOPLE! it tastes like heaven. and fills me up with fiber, protein and a little bit of fat!

This one–>

is the chocolate banana version, but other favorite flavors include vanilla and berrylicious (yay summer berries!)

it’s the perfect meal for summer, and a great choice for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time in the mornings.

Here’s my basic recipe:


1/3 cup oats (i used a combo of rolled and quick oats.. either works.)

1 scoop protein powder

1 tbsp nut butter (i’m loving TJs valencia pb with flaxseeds)

1/2 large banana

about 1/3 cup almond milk

quite a few shakes of cinnamon (i love cinnamon! and its also super good for you… supposed to cut down your appetite.)

*note- you might want to add 1-2 tsp of sweetener, depending on your preference. i find that with my protein powder (sun warrior!) and banana i don’t need any added sweetness.

I add the dry ingredients to a bowl (cereal sized) and then mash in the banana and nut butter, and add almond milk as needed. you should end up with something that is the texture of a really thick cake batter. spread the ‘batter’ out on an appetizer sized plate. refrigerate til breakfast time!

when you pull it out to eat, it will look like this:

mmm breakfast in the sun room!

and it tastes like cookie dough! i added 1 tbsp of cocoa powder to this bad boy for some chocolate-y morning goodness.

For overnight oats, just add about 1/2 cup extra almond milk. The morning result will be a thick, creamy, delicious bowl of cold oatmeal.

For overnight oats in a jar (amazing, it’s like christmas morning.. or all 8 days of chanukah?) just make your overnight oats (minus nut butter.. you will scrape it off the inside of the jar in the morning… trust me!) in an almost finished nut butter jar (there should be about 1-2 tbsp of nut butter left).

The coolest thing about these overnight oat variations is that you can make a ton of different, interesting flavor combinations. For example-

-add 1 tbsp chai powder and 1 tsp vanilla for a vanilla chai breakfast

-add 1/2 cup blueberries for a banana-blueberry surprise!

-add 1 tbsp cocoa powder for some dark chocolate goodness

-use 1/3 cup pumpkin and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice for pumpkin pie for breakfast!

What’s your go-to breakfast? Do you switch it up a lot?


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