sun? in san francisco?

Wowie, the weekend FLEW by… probably because it was work and play all day and night nonstop. woooo go me!

luckily, my real weekend is today. and so far its been grrrrrr-eat!

Check out the beautiful SF weather we have to enjoy today!

norcal's version of 'the beach'... where pasty people go to get a sunburn

So lately I have been super boring and predictable with my eating habits… and loving it. breakfast has consistently been a version of the breakfast cookie… a blogworld sensation (for those of you that have yet  to convert yourselves into oatmeal addicts.)

and lunch or dinner has been a green smoothie…basically just whatever sort of fruit mix sounds delicious and then i add a few handfuls of spinach and a scoop of SunWarrior protein.. also an addiction introduced to me by the blog world.. its pretty delicious as far as protein powder goes.

Both meals look gross.. picture mushy oats that have sat in the fridge all night and a greenish/brown glass of liquid. however, they taste pretty delicious and make me feel AMAZING.

for those of you that havent tried green smoothies before.. check out Angela’s website: Green Monster Movement. Lots of ideas for green smoothies.. and they are the best way to get in extra servings of fruits and veggies, and i’ve found they really help cut back on sugar cravings!

besides the predictability of at least 2 of my daily meals, ive been trying to get in more veggies (as always) and i find that the more veggies i eat (especially raw ones!) the better my body feels. i have higher energy levels, my skin and hair look healthier, and i save money by not eating out!

here’s a concoction from last night:

brussels, sweet potato and a couple garbanzo bean stragglers

i added a bunch of balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil and some s&p to coat before roasting at 400 for 20 mins, then turned the veggies, added more balsamic (cause it makes everything better!) and then stuck ’em back in for 15 mins longer. i have to say, adding more balsamic in the middle of cooking was a good call. TRY IT.

What do you ALWAYS add to food when you cook?

for baked goods i pretty much always add a ton of cinnamon, and for savory cooking i load up on the balsamic vinegar.


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