its goal time!

why hello there friends!

i am back from a sun, scuba and sand-flea filled vacation on Roatan (island just off of Honduras).. i have a great tan that just so happens to be ruined by the braille-like bug bites covering my back. apparently i look like im on steroids. definitely got some wierd looks at the gym… and it wasn’t because of my guns.

instead of posting a terrible picture of bug bites.. i will instead show you the lovely view from our balcony (fully equipped with hammock.. hell yes).

roatan.. where people come for vacation, then realize 20 years later that they forgot to leave

on said trip, i was inspired to reset some of my personal, professional and health goals. lets get one thing straight here- I am not a goal-setter by nature! however, the last year or so of work has changed me from a goal hater to a goal lover!

one of my goals is to be able to pull off that rockin' mohawk. NOT


if you are not naturally a goal setter, here are a few tips that definitely helped me to get started:

  • GET SPECIFIC! think about what you really want… not what you think you might be able to achieve. being vague never got anyone anywhere.. do you think obama said “hey, i think i want to go into politics eventually.” NOPE. i bet you he told himself “I will be the president of the united states of america in 2008.” and then shared it with anyone that would listen.

haha, way funnier than the other options that came up in google

 which brings me to:

  • SHARE! share your goals with anyone that will listen to you.. shout them from the rooftops! this will help you be accountable. it’s much easier to let yourself down when you’re the only one who knows about it.
  • WRITE THEM DOWN! it’s so much easier to flake out on something that isn’t concrete. when you write something down, it’s a little more difficult to forget about! (think of writing goals down as a to-do list for your life… as you complete a goal, you get to cross it off the list!)
  • THINK BIG! you are pretty much capable of anything you set your mind to… so set your mind to anything you really want! think about the small pieces (mini goals) that can get you to the Big Kahuna goal. (or BHAG.. big hairy audacious goal).
For any other goal-setting tips, check out You can actually have the site email you to hold you accountable for the goals that you enter!
So here are some of my new goals… and my new way of holding myself accountable!
  1. I will be fluent in Spanish (again) by December 2011. 
  2. I will run 10 miles a week outdoors beginning June 15, 2011.
  3. I will create a budget (using excel!) by July 1, 2011. <– this one is actually really scary for me
This is just a little teaser.. I have a whole page full of others!
What are some of your goals for the upcoming year? What are some goals you’ve already achieved this year?
This year, I overcame my fear of scuba diving and am now a fully certified open water diver! I also finished IIN, ran Bay to Breakers and moved to San Francisco!
*i dont know why the font keeps changing size on me… sorry folks!

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