sometimes you just want a cookie..

wowie i am a terrible blogger.

how long has it been since my last post??? two weeks?

i hop on and off that bandwagon like a recovering alcoholic.. that is failing at recovery.

speaking of recovery, this weekend was Bay to Breakers!

across the finish line!

This was a weekend that everyone needs another weekend to recover from…

While I was running (well really, dodging the multitudes of 8am drunkards), the rest of the city was drinking and slowly walking the course in some very interesting costumes.. or lack thereof.

can you spot the naked guy?

<—— Case in point

This one might have been my favorite –> 

After finishing my 7.5 mile agility training session (side to side ducking and dodging is not easy!) I headed back to the wild panhandle area for some dress-up and debauchery.

Unfortunately, after being up since 6 am, my debauchery didn’t last very long. I was asleep in the park by 2.

Back to the real world, and it’s Wednesday. And I wanted a cookie!

So I whipped (literally, whipped.. it took like 5 minutes to make these!) up a batch of Carrots’n’Cake’s Banana Oatmeal Chip cookies… with a few additions.

Here’s a link to the original recipe: Banana Oatmeal Chip Cookies

I added: 1 scoop Trader Joes Spicy Chai Powder and lots of extra cinnamon. Instead of canola I used olive oil and reduced agave nectar to 2 tbsp.

THEY ARE AMAZING. I would take a picture but I ate them all. Well, thats a lie, but I didn’t take a picture. Maybe next time. I will definitely be making them again!

Do you have a go-to recipe that is super easy and fast? Lately I’ve been making baked tofu (recipe to come) and it’s SO much easier than I thought it would be!


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