my monday blues come on tuesdays

I gotta say, although I’ve never had a *real* 9-5 job and thus have never had *real* weekends, having Sundays and Mondays off is pretty amazing. I get to do all of my errandy things on Mondays when everyone else is at work… hence no lines and no one to get in between me and my to do list.

I usually set aside time on Mondays to get everything ready for the week. I go grocery shopping (and make sure to stock up on things that make work lunches easy to put together… spinach, turkey, carrots, garbanzos and hummus make a pretty delicious salad), get a workout in, make some food for the week and try to get all of my laundry and cleaning out of the way.

This weekend included a little bit of this:

tasted exactly like the ocean.. salty, wet and a little slimy.

and some hanging out with this little guy:

i can't help but talk to him in an english accent

and enjoying some sun in the middle of this:

dolores park: where hipsters go to get awkward tan lines

after making this:

dino kale i think?

into this:

this is what kale looks like after you massage the crap out of it

and that was almost all sunday’s fun!

I thought I was going to share my kale salad recipe, but after tasting it again today I think it needs a little work… or maybe I just didn’t massage the kale enough.

Today began with a lovely run through Golden Gate park and now is filled with all sorts of joyous errands… and a mad hunt for some jars.. my collection of random bulk goodies in plastic bags is getting out of hand.

What does your weekend usually look like? Do you have a 9-5 or a non-traditional schedule like me?


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