get up and go!

really, its the little things that make me happy.

things like:

  • when a great song comes up on pandora
  • seeing something silly (cars with mustaches?)

    in san francisco, even the cars have mustaches

  • walks with friends
  • waking up to sunshine coming in my window
  • eating delicious food

    yup, thats a salad in a mixing bowl. What? i was hungry...

  • making my bed
  • crossing things off my to do list
  • posting a blog and hearing that people actually like reading it
and oh so many more!
so if this is all true, why don’t i do these things more often? most of these things are SO FREAKING easy for me to do.. but a lot of the time i’m too damn lazy! it takes so much less effort to watch a Top Chef Marathon than it does to make dinner.. but dinner makes me feel better. Do you ever find yourself shying away from the things you KNOW make you happy.. just out of laziness? (or am I the only procrastinating bastard out there?!?)

3 thoughts on “get up and go!

  1. It’s called a case of perfectionism. You’re afraid of starting something that makes you happy because you’re afraid if you don’t do it right you won’t be happy. Something like that. I suffer too! There should be a pill for it.

    • so true! but once i do the little things i feel so much better.. like this morning: ate an awesome breakfast, ran, took care of emails and now ive got my lunch ready for work and i have time for a TRX class too!

  2. I can sooooo relate to this feeling! Your post is inspiring me to go do something from my list of things that put me in a good mood that I don’t do often enough!

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