Platypi and coconuts.

DISCLAIMER: What I’m about to write has absolutely NOTHING to do with either platypi or coconuts. But it got your attention, right?

This post will officially mark the 3rd (maybe 4th?) ever non-recipe containing Bite Size Pieces entry ever.

I recently made a huge, life-changing, scary and potentially amazing decision. One week from tomorrow I will be heading up the California coast to a new home.. in San Francisco.

Actually, to be completely honest, I will not be heading to a new home yet… because I still don’t have a place to live. Minor details.

I have spent the last few weeks fielding questions about this decision from pretty much everyone in my life. They all want to know the same thing: WHY?????

who needs a uhaul when you have one of these?

Well, why not? Wouldn’t you want to live in San Fran?

and that, my friends, is the only answer you’re going to get.


One thought on “Platypi and coconuts.

  1. YES YES YES! sooo awesoem Gillian! call me when you get here so we can hang out. Let me know if I can help you with anything 🙂 Finding housing is hard but you will find something – where are you looking?)

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