i resolve to…

As the end of the year approaches, I feel like I’ve been asked more and more what I think the next year holds for me. Even within the confines of my own head, my right brain and my left brain have been conspiring to figure out what my next move for 2011 will be. In a crazy world where we are constantly moving, running errands, seeing friends, rushing to work, fitting in a workout here and there, why is the new year considered a reset button? Are you really going to join that new gym? Can you really force yourself to cut out sugar? Will you really ask for that raise?

That said, although most of us make and break New Years resolutions every singly year, I’m going to go ahead and perpetuate the tradition yet again.

yeah, im gonna try to get at least a little into february

1. ask for what I really want. You never know what the answer will be until you ask the question.

2. cook more. blog more. I love that keeping up with this blog makes me keep up with my cooking! Hopefully someone is reading and cooking with me…

3. listen to what my body needs. If I need a day off from working out, take one. Sometimes I don’t need Crossfit, I need yoga. And sometimes I just need to sweat to make myself feel a little better.

4. slow down. Sometimes I realize that I’m doing things so quickly that they don’t even have time to register. I even eat too fast! I get anxious when I don’t feel like I have anything to do. I need to realize it’s ok to just BE.

5.  Eat more whole foods. (this one I’m pretty good at, but I went a little sugar crazy over the holidays.. too many cookies!)

6. Be entrepreneurial. I have the drive and the ideas… I just need to stop being such a procrastinator!

Hopefully I can accomplish all of these things… I think by avoiding the typical “I will lose 10 pounds” and “I will cook for my family 5 days a week” etc etc I’ve made it a little easier on myself. For those that have made the ‘typical’ New Year’s resolutions… here’s a few tips: (and if you don’t like them… leave me a comment and tell me to shove it)

1. Cook more. Just an hour or two at the beginning of the week and you can make enough food to take with you to work all week.

2. Move more. Even if its just going for a jog/walk around the block.. get it going! Recruit a friend to go with you.. or just steal their dog.

3. Care more. Spend more time with people you care about. They will appreciate it and you will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.. without taking shots first.

And as always, lets finish it off with a little recipe-ster.

As always, this one’s easy as hell, and tastes like its bad for you.

Cinnamon-y Larabar-ish bars (or balls)

Inspired by Larabars, Mama Pea (Peasandthankyou.com) and Chocolate Covered Katie


i really need a new camera.. iphone just isn't cutting it.

3/4 cup pitted medjool dates

1 cup raw almonds ( I think roasted might be delicious as well)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup chocolate (I mixed semisweet chips with dark chocolate squares and threw them in the food processor.)


Grind almonds in food processor until they are a very coarse sandy texture. Add all other ingredients and process until fully mixed (ingredients will stick together and you will be able to form a ball). Press into lined (I used tinfoil, wax paper would be a way better idea) brownie or loaf pan and refrigerate 1-2 hours. (or eat right away).

This recipe is still considered ‘healthy’ although it is not a low-calorie food. It seems like our culture of health has become focused on low-calorie counts and non-fat foods. YES certain kinds of fat should be avoided. HOWEVER, my focus with food is to eat whole foods with nutrients that my body needs. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E (which helps your body to heal itself) and are full of antioxidants. Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory that aids in digestion and appetite control, and dates can help you cut down on sugar cravings. These bars are also very low on the glycemic index.



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