FYI: Bali style

Since it is raining (again) heres a post full of random facts about Bali that I have picked up over the few times I’ve been here.

Everyone is named Wayan. Well not everyone.. they may also be named Made, Nyoman or Ketut. But mostly Wayan. This is because the Balinese name their children based on birth order.. Wayan is firstborn, Made second, and then if for some reason there are more than 4 kids in the family, they just start again with Wayan. Fun game to try if you ever come to Bali.. head into a crowded area, yell “Wayan!” and count how many people turn around.

Traffic signs are only suggestions. Feel like going the wrong way down a one-way street? Go for it. I haven’t seen any major accidents yet so I guess it works.

There is no driving age.. if you can reach the handles on a motorbike, you must be old enough to drive it. No joke, I saw an 8 year old driving her friend to school this morning. They were going the wrong way down a one way street. (Same with drinking.. if you can hold the beer bottle it’s fair game.)

hey look, its my dad! hi dad!

It is either about to rain, raining, or has just finished raining. Bali has two seasons.. rainy and rainier. I think I came during the rainier season. That’s ok though, I’ve been sweating so much I can’t really tell the difference. (Ewwwww gross.)

If any Balinese native offers you a cup of coffee, be prepared. They should really start offering a cup of sugar covered with coffee. I mean, I’ve got a sweet tooth, but that ‘bali kopi’ is a cavity waiting to happen.

If you don’t want to buy something.. don’t even LOOK at it. If you are in a market (not supermarket) and you show even remote interest in an item, chances are you will somehow find yourself buying that item unwillingly, albeit for a ridiculously cheap price. In fact, the reason you will have bought that set of engraved chopsticks/bottle opener shaped like a penis/carved elephant head is because it was so cheap you couldn’t think of a reason not to. Just because you looked at it, the seller started negotiations.. with herself. I think these are the same people that Time Warner Cable hires to get you to upgrade to Tivo.

Everything is sooooooooooooo green. Sometimes I look around and am just blown away by the beauty here. Everything is the most vibrant shade of green and there isn’t a dead plant in sight. I haven’t headed to the coast yet, but I’m sure when I get there the water will be sooooooooooo blue. Can’t wait.

More pictures to come! I went to the Monkey Forest today and saw the cutest little baby monkeys. The jungle is crazy out here.. imagine what you think a jungle should look like. That’s exactly what it looks like.



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