journey vs. destination

whoever said its the journey not the destination that matters must’ve never travelled very far. after 2 days and 3 airports, i finally reached bali yesterday afternoon.. with absolutely no clue what time or day it was! i think the entire journey took about 30 hours including a stopover in taipei.. but too be honest im not too sure. after spending countless hours talking about bali, it was almost a little anti-climactic actually getting here… all the preparations, talking about the trip, planning what to do once i got here (well at least pretending to).. this all forgotten. flying in over the ocean, all of my previous trips here began to flood back to me. being here in ubud, seeing our old friends.. waking up this morning and having banana pancakes with my dad, both of us with our noses buried in thick books.. its a little amusing that i was nervous to leave san diego!

However, though the journey was long and tiring.. the destination is definitely worth it. Everything in bali is so GREEN.. but if it wasn’t i would be a little worried. it literally rains EVERY day here.

either way, im here! i am staying with my dad in a villa right on the ride paddies. (funny story.. one of the small paddies right outside our door is owned by a local villager, and every hour or so she comes and stands on the edge of the paddy for about 20 minutes yelling at the birds) I really really want to post pictures, but unfortunately i own the worst camera ever and it keeps turning itself off every time i try to take a photo.

Its a little strange being back in Bali after 5 years. Ubud has definitely grown A LOT over the last half-decade. Pretty much every other storefront is some trendy designer shop, and food prices have at least doubled (not that you can’t get a great dinner for 4 dollars.. it just used to be 2). I am trying to orient myself with the layout of the city.. I keep having strange flashbacks from past trips, which is actually helping a lot.

so heres my plan:

i’m here in ubud until at least saturday.. hoping i can figure out how to ride a motorbike before then (yes, i know that is a hilarious picture to envision).. then im thinking of heading into kuta to surf for a couple days (smaller waves there.. stuff i may actually be able to handle!)

then.. on to padangbai to stay at bloo lagoon ( check it out.. its GORGEOUS, and the owners tony and marita are my dad’s best friends)

next.. gili islands? sanur? seminyak? lombok? padangbai is the hub for ferries to lombok and the gili islands, so i might head over there. feel free to do some research for me (that is i am assuming people are actually going to be reading this) and give me some ideas!


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