and then… it hit me

All week, I have been telling myself the same thing.

Monday: “I am going to write a new blog post.”

Tuesday: “I think I should put up a new blog post.”

Wednesday….. well you get the point.

So why is it now Sunday and I am just getting around to it? I definitely did not spend every single minute of my week doing something so important and riveting that I could not spare 15 minutes to post. I even planned a few posts! (well, I took pictures of the food I was eating with the intention of posting them… that counts right?)

This week my thing was avocado. And dates. (the food, not the event… none of those this week haha). On Tuesday, the CSA that uses the store I work in as a drop point gave me a whole container of fresh dates! OH MY GOD. If you have never had a fresh, organically grown date, you need to go run to your nearest farmers market, like, yesterday. The girl that gave them to me suggested putting them in the freezer for texture purposes (less gooey, more chewy), and she mentioned stuffing a walnut in the middle for a sweet/savory combo. Cue the second “OH MY GOD” of this post. Holy balls of delicious with a crunchy center. Go buy some dates.

Not only are they freakin’ delicious, but they are good for you too! A great source of fiber, they also offer a natural source of energy. If you are an athlete, maybe consider using dates to replenish your glucose levels during or after a run! You can also use them in baked goods as a natural sweetener (I may share a delicious carrot cake/bread recipe made with dates as the main form of sweetener).

little nuggets of mouth-joy


Moving on:

One week from today, I will be heading up to Los Angeles to get on a plane that will take me across the world. For some reason, that hasn’t really sunken in yet. But one week and one layover from today… I will be in BALI!!!!!!!!



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