truth and lies

How many diet myths have you heard throughout your life?

“Don’t eat after 7 pm.”

“Carbs are bad”

“Eating fats will make you fat”

Well, I just thought of a kind of funny one as I was making my lunch… “Your food should take as long to eat it as it did to prepare it.” I can’t remember where I heard this one, but it seems a little ridiculous to me. You know that Thanksgiving turkey that took you 3 hours to cook? You better chew it reeeeaaaallllyyyy slowly.

With the pace of today’s society, and people constantly complaining about being ‘too busy’ to cook, I would like to be a testament to the fact that cooking for yourself can be quick, easy, healthy and RIDICULOUSLY delicious.

(Seriously though.. the lunch I just had was perfect… or maybe I’m still on an endorphin high)

I just finished one of my first balls-to-the-wall Crossfit workouts and the last thing the trainer said to me as I crawled out of there was “Make sure you eat a good lunch!” To me that means lots of protein, healthy fats, carbs, veggies and some ketchup (I love ketchup).

I walk in my house and head straight for the eggs. Now, lately I’ve been more of a big snack-er than a small meal-er, but today I went for meal (those workouts are GNARLY). So this is what I ended up with:

1 egg, 1 egg white, avocado, whole wheat Sandwich Thin (its like bread, but less of it!), sliced tomato, and of course a big side of TJs organic ketchup.

took me 5 mins to make, 3 to inhale.

And the best part.. it took me less time to make than it would have taken me to order a taco… Now isn’t that inspiring?


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