Kitchen therapy

I may not have rhythm, but I do have soul… and that soul likes to cook! I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen today and ended up creating some pretty delicious things. It felt like a release of all of the tension I had built up for myself in the last few weeks, not to mention food tastes so much better when you put some hard work into it!

I read recipes like they were mantras, but I never use a recipe without using some sort of variation. I feel like an artist, taking raw materials and turning them into something completely different. Got some sweet potato? Lets make cookies. Gigantic yellow squash? Try it two ways.. in a lentil veggie soup and roasted with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

My goal is to share that feeling of self expression and creativity, and to learn to be the best at what I create so I can share it

Special thanks to DeeDee Farrar for the squash and Garden of Eden Organics for the zucchini and cherry tomatoes!

. Sometimes, I cook up a disaster. Almost always I find a reason to go back to the drawing board; not enough cinnamon, too much garlic, etc. (Yes, there is such a thing as too much garlic!) And occasionally I end up with something completely fantastic… like today!

Heres a rough idea of how I made the most delicious lentil veggie soup I’ve had in a while:

1.5 cups green lentils

4 cups veggie broth

2 bay leaves

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (divided)

salt, pepper, basil to taste

1.5 cups cherry tomatoes (this pretty much made the whole soup)

3 carrots

1 small zucchini

3 cloves garlic

1 medium yellow squash

1/2 of a big purple onion

olive oil for pan


-boil lentils and broth together, bring to a simmer until lentils are about halfway done (approx. 20 minutes). Turn heat off.

-chop veggies and garlic. add about 1 tbsp olive oil to pan and cook garlic, carrot and onion til almost soft, then add zucchini and squash for about 5 minutes on medium heat. season with salt, pepper and basil and add 1tbsp balsamic.

– dump veggie mixture into lentil/broth mixture and simmer until lentils are completely done. Add other tbsp balsamic and more salt if needed. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and add to pot.

Turn heat off and enjoy!


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