The uphill climb

I have spent the last four days trying to figure out what I envision for Bite Size Pieces. Is it the kind of blog that exposes my inner workings, where I bare my soul in 12pt font? Or do I have a simpler vision for what I think my blog should be about?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today in which she asked me what I want people to get out of reading my blog. My intention behind creating Bite Size Pieces in the first place is to share the joy that I get from living a healthy lifestyle… because believe me.. I wasn’t always so healthy!

People assume I have always been super active and health-oriented. Au contraire, my friends! Freshman year of college I literally LIVED on grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal. One finals week my roommate and I survived solely on a full tray of coffee cake from Starbucks that a neighbor had given us. My liquid intake consisted of cheap vodka (and I was convinced that pairing it with root beer counteracted the taste of a $10 handle) and beer (thank you ski and snowboard club, for fueling my college alcoholism!).

It wasn’t until the end of my second year of college that I realized the path that I was on wasn’t taking me anywhere good. On the tail end of a break up with a very toxic individual, I had outgrown ALL of my high school clothing (horizontally, not vertically), was smoking about half a pack of cigarettes a day, and had attended our amazingly well equipped university gym about 3 times over the course of 2 years. Lets just say I was not at all happy with the way I looked or felt. I moped around for a while feeling sorry for myself until one day I accompanied a couple of my girlfriends to a Bootcamp class and fell in love! Within 2 months I had dropped about 20 lbs and felt great.. but it was definitely an uphill climb! I began running and using some of the weight machines in the university gym 3 times a week, and cut back on my smoking by a lot. I began to eat more fruits and veggies and taking advantage of the salad bars in the campus cafeterias.

Fast forward a few months to my junior year of college. I made arguably the BEST decision of my life when I decided to quit smoking. I was able to run faster, walk up stairs without losing my breath, work out harder, taste food better and I lost that terrible smoker smell.

Looking at where I am today in terms of my health, fitness and overall happiness I can hardly believe the way I neglected my body in the past. I want to share the knowledge that I have of both sides of the spectrum with whoever wants to know, and help those that want to make those positive changes. That is my intention.

Coming back to my original question… I think my blog with be about health and the happiness that you can find within a healthy body. If I expose some of my ‘inner workings’ in the meantime.. deal with it.


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